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For many decades, Kanir & Co. has been noted among the most prominent Israeli law firms in the field of family law, under the leadership and management of attorneys Pesach and Yonathan Kanir.

The firm was founded by Adv. Pesach Kanir over 45 years ago, and later joined by his son and partner, Adv. Yonathan Kanir.

The firm is widely regarded as a frontrunner in the Israeli family law arena, and, as such, it is consistently ranked within the top 10 law firms in the field, since the induction of the legal ranking system in 2004. The notable reputation acquired by the firm is a product of decades of hard work and professional legal representation, based on a profound acquaintance with the relevant legislation and case law, and a true understanding of each and every client’s individual needs.

Kanir & Co. has made a significant mark in the Israeli family law arena by means of uncompromising professionalism in seeking to reach the optimal agreements for the firm’s clients according to their specific requirements. The firm’s legal team has led to numerous highly influential precedential rulings over the years. Among other things, the firm argued a case involving protection of privacy in the scope of family law proceedings; temporary alimony between civil partners and divorcees; the rabbinical court’s jurisdiction to handle claims for divorce, alimony and property when the divorcees wed in a civil marriage, and countless other cases, some of which are presented on this website, and which demonstrate the firm’s proficiency and success.

Kanir & Co. specialises in managing proceedings before the different judicial instances – including family courts and rabbinical courts, providing legal representation in a wide variety of matters:

  • Drafting of financial and divorce agreements;
  • Drafting wills and handling inheritance proceedings;
  • Estate management;
  • Asset transfers between family members;
  • Family capital management;
  • Legal and tax advice;
  • Custodial matters involving minors;
  • Protective orders;
  • Dissolution of joint property ownership;
  • Expert appointments;
  • Complex custodial cases;
  • Negotiation management and ADR proceedings;

and more.

These comprehensive legal services are also provided by the firm’s northern district offices, managed by Adv. Inbal Laor-Zadik, who also serves as a certified mediator and an expert in the real estate practice area.

Kanir & Co. provides top-notch legal representation to all types of clients, including judges, lawyers, public figures, doctors, directors, start-up owners, media personalities and more. The firm’s clients can rely on the utmost dedication throughout the entire process – whether in case of a settlement or in case of a court ruling, including Adv. Yonathan Kanir’s professional guidance. Our legal team working alongside Adv. Kanir provides a broad range of effective and creative solutions, while maintaining the right amount of sensitivity necessary to bring each and every family crisis to an appropriate closing.

The human capital at Kanir & Co. comprises largely of attorneys active at the firm since their legal internships, and who were properly ‘raised’ by Adv. Pesach and Adv. Yonathan Kanir.

The firm’s legal team is fluent in Hebrew, English, French and Yiddish.

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